Grupo de Informação e Documentação em Arte Latino-americana

Grupo de Información y Documentación sobre Arte Latinoamericano / Information and Documentation on Latin American Art Group

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The Information and Documentation on Latin American Art Group  was formed during the  41st ARLIS/NA Annual Conference. Attending the Conference was a unique opportunity to get in touch with the most up-to-date discussions surrounding art librarianship. The Conference also served as a platform for the discussion of technical, research, and development issues related to Information Science as well. This experience, which was made possible by a Getty Foundation Grant, brought together fifteen information professionals specializing in Latin American art librarianship. This group, having been stimulated by this experience, is now motivated to form this Network.

We all agree that knowledge and documentation of our rich artistic and cultural heritage is not sufficiently disseminated among the countries of the Americas, nor to other countries around the world. Just to illustrate that richness, we need only to mention the Incan, Mayan, and Aztec archaeological sites, the ancient arts of weaving and pottery, the architectural history of Latin American cities, as well as the vast amount of painters, illustrators, sculptors, and engravers who were born and were active in each of the regions and countries of Latin America. We believe strongly that in the long term, we should organize a LATIN AMERICAN ARTS PORTAL with the following goals: investigate, recognize, collect, organize, document, and disseminate the artistic heritage of this region.

The Network intends to make the connections between the art information professionals of Latin America. We believe that expertise sharing contributes to the whole development of the society and of its members, consequently making possible the dissemination of the Latin American art history to the whole world.


Directory of Latin American Art Libraries

List of Recipients of the Getty Foundation Grant for Latin American Librarians – 2013

Isabel Cristina Ayres da Silva Maringelli
Fabiola Barreiro Álvarez
Gabriela Betsabé Miramontes Vidal
Fernando Corona
Ivani Di Grazia Costa
Denise Depoortere Piriz
Doralisa Duarte Pinto
José E. Flores Ramos
Richard L. Lopez
Gloria Olea Mellado
Margarita Pérez Cruz
Ranieli Piccinini Machado
Analía Trouvé
Jesús Varillas
Erika Velázquez Guerrero




  • Establish a Latin American Art network.
  • Participate in projects established by museums or research centers affiliated to ARLIS/NA.
  • Develop specific projects in co-operations with ARLIS/NA to continue development of the art librarianship in Latin America.
  •  Produce a special session focusing on Latin America in future ARLIS/NA conferences.
  •  Translate the technical papers published on the ARLIS/NA website into Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Promote virtual exhibits among all the Latin American institutions related to our culture and with our different collections  (books, magazines, photographs, maps, documents among others).
  •  Promote annual or biennial publications, printed and/or e-books focused on specific Latin American topics related with visual arts

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